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TADFF ’14 Day 1: Housebound

I stepped into the opening night of Toronto After Dark less than thrilled. These were not my people. They were my people, but then I fell in love with music, bought new clothes and washed the horror geek away. The intentionally B-grade genre fare just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I’m burnt out and have become the worst thing a reviewer can be, completely and entirely jaded. … [READ]

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Final Derby

A one-shot manga by Danny Djeljosevic and Diana Naneva, FINAL DERBY is a manga-style underdog fight comic, like The Running Man on roller skates. She kicks a lot of … [BUY]

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The Seshen Unravel

Video of the Week: The Seshen “Unravel”

Earlier this week we gave The Seshen's Unravel EP a glowing recommendation, so it's only natural that we would single out the title track's video for video of the week honors. A slow paced creepy panoramic view of a near derelict apartment building and the … [READ]