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On Comics and Spotify: People Already Read Comics for Free, Let’s Make That Work for Us

Over on Tumblr, a post by Andrew MacLean about a company trying to create a Spotify for comics is making the rounds in industry circles. It's a heartfelt plea for comic creators to resist such companies, and while MacLean's passion is admirable, the most important element of it is the disclaimer that MacLean puts up top, informing everyone that he doesn't know much about these … [READ]

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Benedict Cumberbatch

Top 10 “Cosplays”

San Diego Comic Con is a magical week of nerdiness, fandom and giant swag bags. With nearly 150,000 attendees each year and growing, it's hard to stand out from the crowd. While that dope Millennium Falcon shirt you got from Target might get all the dicks hard … [READ]

Constant Lovers Amazon Trickle

Video of the Week: Constant Lovers “Amazon Trickle”

Sometimes videos don't need epic budgets or nudity or gimmicky choreography. All they need is a stupid awesome idea like painting the bottom half of your face to look like a skull while you lip sync your lyrics in an exaggerated fashion. At least that's what … [READ]

Swans To Be Kind

Swans: A Renaissance

The second track of Swans new album To Be Kind is titled “Just a Little Boy (for Chester Burnett).” It’s a twelve-and-a-half minute drunken stumble of a song, supported only by a woozy drum and bass groove that is aggressively consistent—but never confident—in … [READ]