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Fiction: This American Life-On-Closed Circuit by Shea Hennum

The pocket knife Allison Squibb had carried since she was thirteen was dull, and she strained as she cut into her arm to remove the small ident device lodged in the musculature, pressed tight against the skin on the underside of her elbow. Allison carved around the zit-sized bump and pulled out a small blinking light with her thumb and forefinger, squeezing until it flickered … [READ]

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Kids Rule!!!!!

Three new stories: NEW WAVE CTHULHU: Selling out is the greatest evil of all. (Danny Djeljosevic + CJ Camba) NO CITY ABOVE: In a domed, hopeless city, … [BUY]

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Locked in a Loop: A P.T. Travelogue

“Has that banana always been there?” I ask myself. I’m looking at a pile of trash on an end table near a locked front door. I’m pretty sure I want out of that door, but I have no idea how to open it. Or where it leads. All I know is that I am frightened and I … [READ]