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ABCs of Death 2

Repulsive and Hilarious, The ABCS of Death 2 Breaks Beyond Genre Expectations

Does the anthology sequel and continuation of gore fueled education The ABCs of Death 2 offer anything we haven’t already come to expect? Surprisingly yes. While there are certainly some stranger entries that don’t quite hit their mark or by the book uninspired scares, its easy to forgive them knowing there will be another subsequent opportunity for redemption in five more … [READ]

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The Ghost Engine

The Ghost Engine

A high-stakes art thief. (she mouths off a lot) A reality show bounty hunter. (he’s kind of a sleaze) The ghosts that live inside their heads. (one good, one’s … [BUY]

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Far Cry 4 Vista

Death by Tutorial Bear: Some Early Thoughts on Far Cry 4

Our games editor, Jake Muncy, has been playing Far Cry 4 since it came out on Tuesday and is eager to share his thoughts. A full review or analysis, however, is a ways away—this game is frickin’ twenty- to forty-hours long and our boy has a day job. In the … [READ]