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Mind the Gap: Nagisa Oshima’s Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

We like to consider ourselves pretty knowledgeable on all things pop culture here at Loser City, but even we have gaps in our expertise. Rather than hide our ignorance, though, we prefer to educate ourselves in public through Mind the Gap, a column devoted to filling the spaces in our pop culture awareness, be it in the form of movies, books, comics, games, tv series, exotic … [READ]

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The Ghost Engine

The Ghost Engine

A high-stakes art thief. (she mouths off a lot) A reality show bounty hunter. (he’s kind of a sleaze) The ghosts that live inside their heads. (one good, one’s … [BUY]

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Fantasy Sports Banner

Fantasy Sports Combines Everything I Love… and Basketball

Now that I'm pushing thirty years old, I think I have finally overcome many of the negative stereotypes our society associates with someone who would self-identify as a nerd. I know how to dress myself pretty well, have the ability to discern when someone … [READ]