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ymmv Ryan K Lindsay

ymmv: Knights of the Round Table

Two. That’s how many Knights of the Round Table I have. The Knights are peeps I can call upon for consideration and feedback on comic stuff - anything from ideas to full scripts - and I feel like they’ll assemble and have me feedback within a week, or earlier if there’s a specific rush. You need to have someone sitting at your Round Table. They have to be someone … [READ]

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The Ghost Engine

The Ghost Engine

A high-stakes art thief. (she mouths off a lot) A reality show bounty hunter. (he’s kind of a sleaze) The ghosts that live inside their heads. (one good, one’s … [BUY]

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Ballers The Rock Rob Corddry HBO

Ballin’ on Ballers: From the Window…

We asked resident Entourage apologists Rafael Gaitan and Mark Stack to team up and discuss each week of the spiritual Entourage sequel Ballers. After taking a bye after the previous installment of Ballin' on Ballers hack shocking cliffhanger, Mark Raffalo … [READ]


Yellowed Pages: The Residents’ Freak Show

  Sometimes we just want to talk about old comics we found in bargain bins or antique stores or in our garages. Is that so wrong? In this installment, we look back at Dark Horse's 1992 collaboration with The Residents, Freak Show, which brought … [READ]