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Wolf in White Van: Every Moment Points Toward the Aftermath

John Darnielle crafts imaginary worlds for listeners to live in. From his small house in North Carolina, he orchestrates fantastic adventures where possibilities, both dark and bright, open in the boundaries between the real and the imagined. As the man behind the Mountain Goats—a lyrically-driven indie rock band that is nothing if not prolific—Darnielle guides listeners from … [READ]

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Kids Rule!!!!!

Kids Rule!!!!!

Three new stories: NEW WAVE CTHULHU: Selling out is the greatest evil of all. (Danny Djeljosevic + CJ Camba) NO CITY ABOVE: In a domed, hopeless city, … [BUY]

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The Black Age: Exploring the New Wave of Neo-Noir Comics

Amid the resurgence of the cape-and-tight set due to the multimedia conglomerate cash influx of the last half-decade, there has been a spark in genre comics that has been commercially unexplored in comparison. They're the books on the shelves with uncommon … [READ]

The Emerald Herald, Dark Souls 2

Save Points: Wasted Days (Dark Souls 2)

Jake Muncy has basically grown up as a gamer. He’s of a generation where video games have always existed, and as he has matured, so have they. Which is why we’re giving him the space to do Save Points, a column where he revisits his gaming history and works … [READ]

Superman Suicide Prevention Close-up

Anatomy of a Page: All-Star Superman #10

I'm writing this during National Suicide Prevention Week, and it seemed like there was no better piece of art to discuss than what is likely Frank Quitely, Jamie Grant, and Grant Morrison's most famous page from All Star Superman. This is comic storytelling at … [READ]

Depression Quest Zoe Quinn

On Depression Quest

Author’s Note: It’s an ugly time to like video games right now. Recently, there have been campaigns of vitriolic hate and harassment against women critics, game developers, and their allies on some prominent corners of the internet. Games writing and the new … [READ]