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Reviews in the Panel Panopticon: Study Group Extravaganza

In Panel Panopticon, Nick Hanover and friends talk about the comics they’ve picked up for the week, good, bad or otherwise. Most of the releases I picked up this week were either middle issues or just didn't fully grab my attention, so fuck it, I'm dedicating this week's Panel Panopticon to some newer stuff on Study Group Comics because I'm baffled by their complete lack of … [READ]

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Advance Review: Genesis (Image Comics)

I don't scour Previews to see how frequently it happens, but if I had to guess, the square-bound 64-page comic is a rarity these days. Complete with ISBN, this is the kind of low-priced release that is targeting the bookstore-driven sales records like New York … [READ]

Iska Dhaaf Everybody Knows

Video of the Week: Iska Dhaaf “Everybody Knows”

Apocalypse Now has been rereleased so many times and filled with so much rediscovered "lost" footage that it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Iska Dhaaf's video for "Everybody Knows" found it way into a future release as a "remastered" version of the … [READ]

Last Action Hero Arnold Schwarzenegger

Last Action Cinema: Last Action Hero (1993)

Action blockbusters are making a comeback in a big way, thanks mostly to their embrace of the inherent campiness of the genre as well as meta-writing that keeps the films fun but self-aware. But at Loser City, we've decided to look back at the end of the … [READ]