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Land of Confusion: The Congress Provokes a lot of Questions, but Not Much Else

How do you write about a movie when you barely understand it? Do you just not? Do you wait for the smarter folks to swoop in and explain everything that you weren’t smart enough to glean? If you’re me, you give yourself a lengthy pep talk to remind you that your own opinions are valuable, and then you tell everyone about it at the beginning of your review. So what’s got me … [READ]

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Kids Rule!!!!!

Kids Rule!!!!!

Three new stories: NEW WAVE CTHULHU: Selling out is the greatest evil of all. (Danny Djeljosevic + CJ Camba) NO CITY ABOVE: In a domed, hopeless city, … [BUY]

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Adventures in the Floating World: Gyo

Once a month, Nick Hanover educates himself on manga by going on Adventures in the Floating World, learning about series he has missed out on over the years. Up now is Gyo, a bizarre horror manga by legendary artist Junji Ito, best know for his incredible … [READ]

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The Problem of Respect: A Question of Entitlement

  In the latest issue of Poets & Writers, Steve Almond contends that young writers have a Problem of Entitlement (he claims it's "A Question of Respect"), and despite the title of his article, I was intrigued enough to give it a read. I probably … [READ]


Fossil Records: Peter Ivers’ Terminal Love

Sometimes, for whatever reason, great art slips past audiences and remains woefully underappreciated. Which is why we’ve created an essay series called Fossil Records, devoted to helping people discover work that never got its due. A frequent point of … [READ]