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Vertical Slice: Dark Souls’ DLC Brings One of the Best Boss Fights of All Time

In game design, a “vertical slice” is a representative chunk of a game, showcasing important facets of its design within a limited space. At Loser City, Vertical Slice is a place for us to talk about the small but essential pieces of a work of art that might get lost in broader analysis. This is where we talk about the chunks that stood out to us and told us something, good or … [READ]

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The Ghost Engine

The Ghost Engine

A high-stakes art thief. (she mouths off a lot) A reality show bounty hunter. (he’s kind of a sleaze) The ghosts that live inside their heads. (one good, one’s … [BUY]

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Penny Dreadful The Nightcomers Showtime

Penny Dreadful S2E3 “The Nightcomers” Review

For the second time in its so-far 11 aired episodes, Penny Dreadful takes a break from the main narrative to dive into the past of Eva Green's Vanessa Ives. Last season gave us “Closer Than Sisters,” an ode to the epistlatory format of Dracula, while answering … [READ]