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Final Derby

A one-shot manga by Danny Djeljosevic and Diana Naneva, FINAL DERBY is a manga-style underdog fight comic, like The Running Man on roller skates. She kicks a lot of … [BUY]

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Whatever it Takes 1

Fiction: Whatever It Takes

There’s an ignored old sailing man in his great-granddaughter’s house who's now too tattered to conquer the seas, too frail to even master the stairs, shut in this brand new brick Colonial-style house in the middle of Kansas. How he came here, passing … [READ]

Yeah, that look. That's the one.

TADFF ’14 Day 2: Hellmouth

It's been a pretty sparse start to Toronto After Dark due to a miserable poutine-induced case of indigestion that I was wholeheartedly convinced was lurking Ebola thanks to my layover in Dallas. However on day two of the fest, I managed to squeeze in a double … [READ]


TADFF ’14 Day 1: Housebound

I stepped into the opening night of Toronto After Dark less than thrilled. These were not my people. They were my people, but then I fell in love with music, bought new clothes and washed the horror geek away. The intentionally B-grade genre fare just doesn’t … [READ]