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Noah van Sciver Manhood

Anatomy of a Page: Noah van Sciver’s My Hot Date, Page 12

Comics are a visual medium, but so often criticism of the medium hinges on narrative, ignoring or minimizing the visual storytelling and unique structures that make comics so different from cinema and photography. We’ve decided to change that up with a feature that we’re calling Anatomy of a Page, in which we explore pages and panels that showcase the language of comics and how … [READ]

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The Ghost Engine

The Ghost Engine

A high-stakes art thief. (she mouths off a lot) A reality show bounty hunter. (he’s kind of a sleaze) The ghosts that live inside their heads. (one good, one’s … [BUY]

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Cyborg Ivan Reis David Walker

An Unnatural Graft: The Assembly-line Ableism of Cyborg #1

In superhero comics, there’s a constant push-and-pull between the cutting-edge and the dated. New universes are created, grow long in the tooth, and then get wiped out of existence when the company in question wants to begin a new era. This immediate churn … [READ]