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I am the Creative Writing Editor for Loser City as well as a freelance writer, poet, and artist. I specialize in pop culture but have affinities for marketing, comics, poetry, and music.

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Split Seven-Inch: Batgirl/Gotham Academy

Split 7 700x400

Welcome to Split Seven-Inch, a new feature of Loser City wherein we examine two pieces of media that are not necessarily closely related with each other yet still have something interesting in common. For the first installment, we’ve got Batgirl #35 on the A-side and Gotham Academy #1 on the B-side. SIDE A: Batgirl #35 […]

Wolf in White Van: Every Moment Points Toward the Aftermath

Wolf in White Van Banner

John Darnielle crafts imaginary worlds for listeners to live in. From his small house in North Carolina, he orchestrates fantastic adventures where possibilities, both dark and bright, open in the boundaries between the real and the imagined. As the man behind the Mountain Goats—a lyrically-driven indie rock band that is nothing if not prolific—Darnielle guides […]

Anatomy of a Page: All-Star Superman #10

Superman Suicide Prevention Close-up

I’m writing this during National Suicide Prevention Week, and it seemed like there was no better piece of art to discuss than what is likely Frank Quitely, Jamie Grant, and Grant Morrison’s most famous page from All Star Superman. This is comic storytelling at its finest, and although Morrison penned words for this page, it […]

Joey Moonhead is a Normal Teen Boy in Every Way Except for One Crazy Thing…

Moonhead Cover

Nobrow has exploded onto the American comics scene in the last couple of years, and while I picked up a few books from the publisher at CAKE this past June, they’ve still been sitting on my ever-growing pile of comics to read. So when our benevolent dictator Danny Djeljosevic asked if I would like to review Andrew […]

The Problem of Respect: A Question of Entitlement

Quentin Quire Frank Quitely Grant Morrison

  In the latest issue of Poets & Writers, Steve Almond contends that young writers have a Problem of Entitlement (he claims it’s “A Question of Respect”), and despite the title of his article, I was intrigued enough to give it a read. I probably should have known better, but having spent a semester in […]

Fiction: This American Life-On-Closed Circuit by Shea Hennum

Static Banner

The pocket knife Allison Squibb had carried since she was thirteen was dull, and she strained as she cut into her arm to remove the small ident device lodged in the musculature, pressed tight against the skin on the underside of her elbow. Allison carved around the zit-sized bump and pulled out a small blinking […]

The Spider-Verse Spinoff Marvel Won’t Make

Spider-Woman Villalobos

Last week, images of a brand new Spider-Woman design hit the internet, compliments of Robbi Rodriguez.  Calling the fan response anything less than excited would be the comics understatement of 2014. It had people like me, who are currently only reading Hawkeye, pause and take note. It had artists like Ramon Villalobos knocking out a […]